• A new approach to an insurance online community

    This here is the first sustainable insurance * worldwide. Your money does not just seep away. Organized and supported by our online community, are not insured certain requested fields, but people. Any accident, any fate or bad luck that may befall any of us again - but probably will not - is covered, for little money.

    Imagine that there is an insurance *.., which is supported by a non-profit community of interest. Imagine further that there would be an online platform where I can open an account and can pay in money, but I also can break the payments at will. All that matters is my rating, equivalent to the level for which I am insured in maximum. Imagine if there were no restrictions in general about what is insured or not. The only rule is that the trigger is an accident, a losing streak, which can eventually arrive at each one, of course, usually unintentionally. I must report what has happened to me, in case of theft, robbery, etc., if possible I must show a police report. But even if it's my own fault that I have lost an expensive clock or my car was scratched by vandals after an argument: Even operations that would be not covered by traditional insurance are insured up to a certain extent by the Help-Account. I have to describe the incident briefly on the online portal, anonymously. The community then decides how much is paid out to me. Those users with a high rating have more weight in the decision.